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Embedded Software for Robotics: Challenges and Future Directions (Invited)

H. Abbas, I. Saha, Y. Shoukry, R. Ehlers, G. Fainekos, R. Gupta, R. Majumdar and D. Ulus. Invited, Int. Conf. on Embedded Software (EMSOFT), October 2018.

Fly-by-Logic: Control of Multi-Drone Fleets with Temporal Logic Objectives

Y. V. Pant, H. Abbas, R. A. Quaye and R. Mangharam. In Int. Conf. on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS), April 2018.

A novel programming language to reduce energy consumption by arrhythmis monitoring algorithms in implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

H. Abbas, K. Mamouras, A. Rodionova, R. Alur, J. Liang, S. Dixit, and R. Mangharam, In Heart Rhythm Sessions, 2018.

Real-time Decisions Policies and Predictable Performance

H. Abbas, R. Alur, K. Mamouras, R. Mangharam and A. Rodionova. In Proceedings of the IEEE, September, 2018.

Temporal Logic Robustness for General Signal Classes

H. Abbas, Y.V. Pant and R. Mangharam. In Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC). April 2019.

Model validation of PWM DC-DC converters

O. Beg, H. Abbas, T. Johnson and A. Davoudi. In IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. March 2017.

Computer-Aided Design for Safe Autonomous Vehicles

M. O’Kelly, H. Abbas and R. Mangharam, In Resilience Week, 2017.

Robust model predictive control for non-linear systems with input and state constraints via feedback linearization

Y. V. Pant, H. Abbas and R. Mangharam, In Proceedings of the 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, Dec 2016.

An autonomous vehicle control stack

A. Rodionova, M. O’Kelly, H. Abbas, V. Pacelli, and R. Mangharam, In Workshop on Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems, 2017.

APEX: A Tool for Autonomous Vehicle Plan Verification and Execution

M. O’Kelly, H. Abbas and R. Mangharam, In the Proc. of SAE World Congress, April 2016

Quantitative Regular Expressions for Arrhythmia Detection

H. Abbas, A. Rodionova, E. Bartocci, S. Smolka and R. Grosu. In Computational Methods in Systems Biology, Darmstadt, September 2017

High-Level Modeling for Computer-Aided Clinical Trials of Medical Devices

H. Abbas, Z. Jiang, K.J. Jang, M. Beccani, J. Liang, and R. Mangharam, In Proceedings of the 18th High-Level Design and Validation Workshop, Santa Cruz, October 2016

Computer-aided clinical trials for implantable cardiac devices

H. Abbas, Z. Jiang, K.J. Jang, M. Beccani, J. Liang, S. Dixit and R. Mangharam, In 53d Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science, Maryland, October 2016.

Towards Model checking implantable cardioverter defibrillators

H. Abbas, K.J. Jang, Z. Jiang, and R. Mangharam, In the Proc. of HSCC 2016, Vienna, April 2016.

The challenges of high-confidence medical device software

Z. Jiang, H. Abbas, K.J. Jang, and R. Mangharam, In IEEE Computer Magazine, Vol. 49(1), January 2016

Towards Formal Specification Visualization for Testing and Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems

B. Hoxha, H. Bach, H. Abbas, A. Dokhanchi, Y. Kobayashi, and G. Fainekos, In the Proc. of DIFTS 2014, Lausanne, October 2014

Robustness-Guided Temporal Logic Testing and Verification for Stochastic Cyber-Physical Systems

H. Abbas, B. Hoxha, G. Fainekos and K. Ueda, In the Proc. of IEEE-CYBER 2014, Hong Kong, June 2014.
Finalist for Best Student Paper Award.

Functional Gradient Descent Method for Metric Temporal Logic Specifications

H. Abbas, A. Winn, G. Fainekos and A. Julius, In the Proc. of 2014 American Control Conference, Portland, June 2014.

Computing Descent Direction of MTL Robustness for Nonlinear Systems

H. Abbas and G. Fainekos, In the Proc. of 2013 American Control Conference, Washington D.C., June 2013.

Convergence Proofs for Simulated Annealing Falsification of Safety Properties

H. Abbas and G. Fainekos, (Invited) In the Proc. of 50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing, Monticello, IL, Oct. 2012.

A Driver’s License for Driverless Vehicles

H. Abbas, M. O’Kelly, A. Rodionova and R. Mangharam. In ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Magazine, December 2017.

Smooth Operator: Control using the Smooth Robustness of Temporal Logic

Y. V. Pant*, H. Abbas* and R. Mangharam, In 1st IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, Hawai, August 2017.
*Equal contribution

Co-design of Anytime Computation and Robust Control

Y. V. Pant, K. Mohta, H. Abbas, T. X Nghiem, J. Devietti, and R. Mangharam, In the Proc. of RTSS 2015, San Antonio, TX, Oct 2015.

Generalized Robust MTL Semantics for Problems in Cardiac Electrophysiology

H. Abbas and R. Mangharam. In American Control Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2018

Quantitative Regular Expressions for Arrhythmia Detection Algoithms

H. Abbas, A. Rodionova, K. Mamouras, E. Bartocci, S. Smolka and R. Grosu. Accepted to ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

A novel morphology discriminator to improve descrimination between Ventricular Supraventricular tachycardias

H. Abbas, K.J. Jang, J. Liang, S. Dixit and R. Mangharam, In Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions, Chicago, May 2017.

Relaxed Decidability and the Robust Semantics of Metric Temporal

H. Abbas, M. O’Kelly, and R. Mangharam, In Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, Pittsburgh, April 2017

Probabilistic Temporal Logic Falsification of Cyber-Physical Systems

H. Abbas, G. Fainekos, S. Sankaranarayanan, F. Ivancic, and A. Gupta, ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, Vol. 12, Issue 2, May 2013

Linear Hybrid System Falsification through Local Search

H. Abbas and G. Fainekos, In the Proc. Of Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis, Taipei, 2011.

Formal Property Verification in a Conformance Testing Framework

H. Abbas, H. Mittelmann and G. Fainekos, In the Proc. of MEMOCODE 2014, Lausanne, October 2014.

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Logical Signal Processing: a Fourier Analysis of Temporal Logic

N. Basnet and H. Abbas, In ACM International Conference on Runtime Verification (RV), Oct. 2020
Finalist for Best Paper Award

FairFly: A Fair Motion Planner for Fleets of Autonomous UAVs in Urban Airspace

C. Kurtz and H. Abbas, In IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), Sept. 2020

, avac cpsf
A Deontic Logic Analysis of Autonomous Systems’ Safety

C. Shea-Blymyer and H. Abbas, In the Proc. of Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC), April 2020

, avac cpsf
Private Runtime Verification

H. Abbas, In Intl. Conf. on Embedded Software (EMSOFT), New York, NY, October 2019

Learning-‘N-Flying: A Learning-based, Decentralized Mission Aware UAS Collision Avoidance Scheme

A. Rodionova, Y. V. Pant, C. Kurtz, K. Jang, H. Abbas, and R. Mangharam, In ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems (Accepted 2021)

Algorithmic Ethics: Formalization and Verification of Autonomous Vehicle Obligations

C. Shea-Blymyer and H. Abbas, ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems, 2021 (Accepted)

, avac cpsf
Learning a Robot’s Social Obligations from Comparisons of Observed Behavior

C. Shea-Blymyer and H. Abbas, In IEEE Conf. on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (July 2021)

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Predicate Monitoring in Distributed Cyber-physical Systems

Anik Momtaz, Niraj Basnet, Houssam Abbas and Borzoo Bonakdarpour, in Runtime Verification (RV) 2021.
Best Paper Award!

, avac cpsf
Decentralized Predicate Detection over Partially Synchronous Continuous-Time Signal

Charles Koll, Anik Momtaz, Borzoo Bonakdarpour and Houssam Abbas, in Runtime Verification (RV) 2023.